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Work From Home:
  • Uyen
  • 20 - 99 people
  • 155A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Q3
  • Ho Chi Minh City
Company type:
100% Foreign Capital
Company size:
20 - 99 people
155A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Q3

[Vietnamese] JOBS JAPANESE GA LEADER (ENGLISH) at Dong Nai - Việc ơi Client

23,000,000 - 32,000,000 VND

Recruitment Information

Working conditions

  • Amount of Vacancies:
    1 people
  • Degree:
  •  Experiences:
    From 1 to 2 year
  • Gender:
    No gender requirement
  •  Level:

Job Description

■Job description
· Interpreter: 20% Business management: 80%
· There are also tasks such as meeting schedule adjustment, Zoom setting, meeting room reservation, etc.
· License registration and management (reminding the department in charge, requesting related parties to create documents, new contracts, investment licenses, business license acquisition and management work using external consultants)
· Monthly financial data report to the head office, general management of general meetings of employees (preparation of minutes)
· Business support for Hanoi branch (General affairs related support: Labor contract review, license management)

Age:years old
Education level:Uni
Language:Basic English(TOEIC 500 level)
No. of experienced year:2 year experience
Key experience:
・Japanese N1
・Over 1 to 2 years of interpreting experience required (Interpretation content is diverse, but experience in general affairs and accounting-related interpreting is still acceptable)
・2 years or more of general affairs work experience required (accounting and financial experience is even more acceptable)
・Those who are flexible and have experience in Japanese companies, those who can be struck strongly, calmly and objectively see things because they are often sandwiched between management and field staff in terms of position
・Those who can understand the intention of instructions and move + prioritize and move flexibly

■Working condition
Mon-Fri : 8H00-17H00

■Salary: USD gross
・Probation 85%
・USD gross is including all allowance
・Language allowance
 -Japanese N1:3M
 -Japanese N2:2M
 -Japanese N3:0.5M
・Perfect attendance allowance:250,000 vnd
・Housing allowance:300,000 vnd
・Commuting allowance:300,000 vnd
・Children's allowance
 -1st:100,000 vnd
 -2nd:50,000 vnd
・Unemployment allowance:200,000 vnd
・Job title allowance
 -Manager :2.5M
 -Sub manager:1M
 -Leader :0.5M
-Sub Leader:0.4M
・Has company car from HCM
 Pick up :am 、Drop Off :pm
・Has business trip to other country
・Bonus month
  10-14 million VND
  11-13 million VND
  7-10 million VND
  23-30 million VND
  6-10 million VND