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PRODUCTION STAFF at Dong Nai - Viec Oi Client

13,000,000 - 15,000,000 VND

Recruitment Information

Working conditions

  • Amount of Vacancies:
    1 people
  • Degree:
  •  Experiences:
    From 1 to 2 year
  • Gender:
    No gender requirement
  •  Level:

Job Description

- Check the performance records, refresh to follow up today, compare the plan given and the plan recorded on the leader's board, adjust if there is a change.

- Check daily attendance of employees, approve overtime, approve leave.

- Check production performance, actual statistics.

- Statistics of the number of people who operate each day in the actual table.

- Notify the rate of reaching the norm of the previous day to the group leader.

- Check the production line, see the actual performance, implement 6S, arrange and arrange the production line.

- Receive the plan from the Production Management department, allocate the plan to the lines, calculate the appropriate labor for each production line.

- Statistics, planning to export raw materials for each production line.

- Update material management, check production progress. - Inventory and inventory of raw materials at the end of the month.

- Provide the cause and countermeasure for defective goods in the production process and complaints from customers.

- Make suggestions for improvement of the production line under management.
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  11-15 million VND
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