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[Tan Binh] Japanese translator and interpreter at Ho Chi Minh City - Việc ơi Japan Client

17,000,000 - 25,000,000 VND

Recruitment Information

Working conditions

  • Amount of Vacancies:
    2 people
  • Degree:
  •  Experiences:
    From 2 to 5 year
  • Gender:
  •  Level:

Job Description

■ Job Description
・ Support for website creation for the Japanese market (Website operated by a Japanese company)
・ Communicate in Japanese with the Japanese project manager related to website creation.
・ Correspond and contact the person in charge of the Japanese side via email, phone, chat, etc.
・ Manage project progress, check product quality.
Job details will be discussed during the interview. Depending on capacity, may be asked to manage project progress.
■ Requirements
・Gender: Female
・Age: 25 and over
・Proficient in Japanese N2~N1
・Have experience working full-time at a Japanese company
・Have time to study or work in Japan
・ Priority if
Have experience creating directive files or project management experience in an IT company (Design project or software development project)
Have knowledge related to web design and coding.
Have experience related to Offshore operations for Japan.
■Salary: $ gross

■ Benefits
- 13th month salary
- Review 2 times/year
- Gifts for the holidays
- Employees with high Japanese language ability will be assigned to take on difficult high-end projects.
- Have the opportunity to go on a long-term business trip to Japan.
- Foreign language allowance
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N1 N2
  16-20 million VND
N1 N2
  15-23 million VND
N1 N2
  20-23 million VND
  16-20 million VND
  20-27 million VND