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IT COMTOR N2 N1 (NO EXPERIENCE) at Ho Chi Minh City - Viec Oi Client

15,000,000 - 23,000,000 VND

Recruitment Information

Working conditions

Job Description

Job Description
- Support for website creation for the Japanese market (Website operated by a Japanese company)
- Communicate in Japanese with the person in charge of the Japanese project related to website creation.
- Correspond and contact the person in charge of the Japanese side via email, phone, chat, etc.
- Manage project progress, check product quality.
Job details will be discussed during the interview. Depending on capacity, may be asked to manage project progress.

- Gender: Female
- Age: 25 and older
- Foreign languages: Proficient in hard N2 Japanese or equivalent to N1 AND basic English (equivalent to TOEIC 600~700)
- Have full-time experience at a Japanese company
- Have time to study or work in Japan (required)

Priority if
- Experience in creating directive files or project management experience in an IT company (Design project or software development project)
- Have knowledge related to web design and coding.
- Have experience related to Offshore operations for Japan.
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  3-9 million VND
  6-12 million VND
  8-15 million VND

Business Trainer

10-100 thousand VND
  10-100 thousand VND
  12-15 million VND