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8,000,000 - 12,000,000 VND

Recruitment Information

Working conditions

  • Amount of Vacancies:
    1 people
  • Degree:
  •  Experiences:
    From 3 to 5 year
  • Gender:
    No gender requirement
  •  Level:

Job Description

work content
  • Advise the Board of Directors and Head of Accounting Department in management work in the field of Financial Accounting.
  • Update, process and complete documents; As the price of the product;
  • Balancing revenue - expenses in tax reporting; Submit tax reports (VAT, corporate income, personal income, financial statements, use of invoices...) periodically monthly, quarterly and annually according to the regulations of the tax authorities.
  • Prepare monthly management reports, financial reports, and year-end tax finalization.
  • Manage debt, control inventory receivables and payables according to plan.
  • Develop, train and supervise the implementation of regulations in the field of finance and accounting of the Company.
  • Establish, coordinate and implement processes for accounting department and other departments.
  • Tasks as requested by superiors

  • Male/Female, age 30 – 36,
  • University degree; Expertise: Finance and accounting, corporate accounting,...;
  • Priority to have chief accountant certificate, CPA or ACCA;
  • At least 03 years of experience or more in a similar position or experience as Chief Accountant/Deputy Accountant at a manufacturing company;
  • Proficient in Word, Excel;
  • Time management skills, ability to withstand pressure, good thinking
  • Careful, honest
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate financial reports
  • Priority is given to candidates who can use basic English/Japanese;

  • Salary negotiable according to capacity; competitive income; annual salary review;
  • Monthly performance bonus, 13th month bonus, non-salary bonus and other welfare policies;
  • Seniority allowance if working for more than 01 year;
  • Democratic, modern, professional working environment, with opportunities for advancement and long-term stability;
  • Enjoy benefits according to law and company policies;
  • Annual travel and picnic;
  • Working hours: From Monday to Saturday morning (Morning 08:00 - 12:00; Afternoon 13:00 - 17:00).
Công ty TNHH Kim Sora được thành lập ngày 25/09/2015. Qua một chặng đường xây dựng và phát triển, Kim Sora đã khẳng định được vị thế của mình trong sản xuất ngành hàng may mặc và khẩu trang y tế xuất khẩu. Với phương châm hoạt động 'Công bằng, minh bạch lấy sức mạnh tập thể làm nền tảng' Chúng tôi đã và đang không ngừng nỗ lực để tạo nên những giá trị hữu ích cho cộng đồng và xã hội. *Thị trường đã và đang hợp tác: Nhật Bản, Đài Loan, Mỹ và các nước Châu Âu,.. *Đội ngũ nhân viên: Hơn 650 nhân Kim Sora Co., Ltd. was established on September 25/Through a journey of construction and development, Kim Sora has affirmed its position in the production of garments and medical masks for export. With the operating motto 'Fair and transparent with collective strength as the foundation' We have been constantly striving to create useful values for the community and society. * Markets have been and are cooperating: Japan, Taiwan, USA and European countries,.. *Staff: More than 650 employees
  10 million VND
  7-10 million VND
  5.5-6 million VND
  6-10 million VND